Joseph Rowntree Foundation

• Type of projects:

1. Protection and promotion of equality and human rights and their enforcement in the UK,

2. Promoting rights and justice for minorities who face the most severe forms of racism,

3. Promotion of rights and justice for refugees and other migrants by identifying and tackling root causes, structures and systems that may deny them their rights.

• Grant range: unspecified
• Closing date: 8 December 2017
• Applicant eligibility: UK organisations may apply
• Location of project activity: UK
• More info: 

The WCVA - Active Inclusion Fund

• Category – Wales based
• West Wales and the Valleys for over 25's
• East Wales for over 25's
• West Wales and the Valleys for 16-24's

We are also hoping that the following areas of funding will be available shortly:
• East Wales for 16-24's
• Type of projects: working with those who are designated long term unemployed or economically inactive and have complex barriers to employment.tropical medicine, global health, advancement of health
• Grant range: £0 - £400,000
• Closing date: not specified
• Country/Countries: Wales
• More info: