Project Grants - Up to £5000

Wales-based lead must be one of the following:

  • Constituted group (e.g. community based organisation, religious institution)
  • Registered charity, NGO, social enterprise, private business
  • Affiliated to NHS Board or Trust
  • Educational institution
  • Community or town council
  • It is not essential for project work to take place in Africa but preference will be given to those working with a southern partner, with demonstrable impact in Africa

 African organisation (where relevant):

  • Unconstituted group (e.g. midwives or PTA)
  • Constituted group (e.g. women’s cooperative or community based organisation)
  • Constituted organisation (e.g. NGO, social enterprise, training centre)
  • Government Department (local, regional or national)
  • International NGO

 What we’d expect to see in applications

  • Letters of support from your main partners including the lead organisation/group in Wales and your African partner (if relevant).
  • A clear explanation of the benefit to Wales (see FAQs)
  • A clear demonstration of the project need, based on a needs assessment
  • Project delivery against clear strategic objectives
  • A clear impact measurement framework
  • Good communications potential
  • Where relevant, must have a demonstrable positive impact in Africa
  • Where relevant, an explanation of work to build the capacity or skills of African partners, and encourage African leadership of the project
  • Where relevant, demonstrate a link to local government or other delivery organisations in project area
  • A clear link between the skills of the volunteers involved and the project objectives
  • Priority will be given to health projects which involve participants who are working in the Welsh NHS or Public Health Community
  • An explanation of how the project will support the delivery of the Well-being of Future Generations Act (Wales) 2015
  • An explanation of how the project contributes to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Applications showing clearly explained match funding or in-kind contributions are strongly encouraged

Specific Criteria

Applicants must be a constituted group (not an individual) with a bank account with two unrelated signatories.

*We define constituted groups as those with a written agreement of what a group is going to do and how they will do it.  This could be a governing document (if you are a registered charity), an MOU (for instance with a NHS health board or Trust), a partnership agreement (for example with a southern partner organisation) or a community steering group Terms of Reference. Guidance on what your constitution should contain can be found here.


The 2017/18 round is closed.

We will aim to disperse funds at the start of November 2017 so this means that the project work runs from 1st Nov 2017 – 31st March 2018.

PLEASE NOTE: All applicable forms (above) will be needed to complete your application.